WHINNYGILL Reservoir is in top form at the moment with big carp beginning to turn up around the water.

The best fish caught to date has been a common carp estimated to weigh between 3.6kg and 4.5kg whilst the same angler also caught a good mirror carp of approximately 2.7kg.

Other anglers have hooked big carp but have been unable to bring them to the net.

Perch are also turning up in ever increasing numbers, although most of the fish tend to be on the small side.

Other species that provide some good sport are quality ide, roach and skimmers that can be tempted on all the popular baits.

In the last Sunset Series match on Whinnygill, Russell Heaton appears to be striking top form and won the match with 1.8kg of mixed fish.

Ernest Ramsbotham was second with 685g and Malcolm Mawson third with 265g.

After three matches and with a further three remaining to be fished, the leading anglers for the Sunset Trophy are:1 Russell Heaton - 6 points, 2 Simon Chenier - 9, 3 John Leatt - 10, 4 Malcolm Mawson - 11, 5 Ernest Ramsbotham - 14 and 6 Michael Ickringill - 16.

The Broughton Road length of the canal could have been better for the first of the four matches to decide the PR Hart Memorial Trophy.

Heaton was again in good form and won the match with 560g.

Chenier was reasonably close behind with 435g, whilst Graeme Waterfall was third with 300g and Mawson fourth with 105g.

Tonight will see another fly match at Embsay Reservoir with the draw being at 6.30pm.

The last match saw a 100 per cent increase in entries although only four trout were landed, one each for four competitors.

The recent spell of warm and dry weather has seen the River Aire drop back down to summer level and weed growth has accelerated on most lengths.

Fly fishermen have enjoyed the best sport with trout, but grayling still appear to be thin on the ground.

Perhaps the forecast of some rain will improve sport for both the fly and bait angler.