EVEN though the River Aire is down at summer level and becoming choked with weed on the shallower stretches, those that have wet a line recently have reported some good sport with both brown trout and grayling, especially on the fly.

One member fishing the Skipton Angling Association water landed 10 brownies and six grayling, had loads of rises and missed several which cast the hook. None of the fish were of any notable size with best being around the 450g mark.

Higher up the river near Inghey Bridge, a regular bait angler has had some decent fish during afternoon and early evening sessions.

Trout to near the 900g mark have been caught together with smaller grayling and the odd chub.

Even pike have been seen in the shallow water but have not been fished for.

Some of the best fishing on the Aire can be enjoyed free of charge if you care to travel to Leeds city centre upstream of the railway station.

If reports are to be believed, the river contains huge quantities of coarse fish and even a few trout.

Barbel, chub, roach, perch, pike, bream, grayling and gudgeon are being caught, including good specimen fish.

Below Leeds to Knottingley and Castleford the river abounds with fish but the fishing rights are held by several clubs and membership is required.

It seems very likely that the barbel introduced into the river at Kildwick have mostly made their way down river as very few are now caught at the point of introduction. Some were to make their way upstream to as far as Skipton but this now seems to be a forlorn hope. The only thing to successfully come upstream so far is the signal crayfish.

Fishing elsewhere around Skipton is quiet at the moment with probably Whinnygill Reservoir providing the best coarse fishing.

Embsay Reservoir has been stocked with rainbows so there is potential for some good sport at certain times of the day.

Fishing on the canal is hampered by the heavy boat traffic and the early and late periods of the day are likely to be the best time to try your luck.

John W Preston