I have read your report about Ann Coe 'quitting' as the league secretary of the Mewies Solicitors Craven and District Cricket League. I believe that Ann has been sold short by the report.

Sorry I should have said I am the fixture secretary, and her husband, Trevor – so you think I am biased.

As your weekly correspondence of Craven League cricket I believe I am a fair-minded person who reports the truth.

When the matter of the Cowling Cup quarter-final between Ingrow II and Oakworth II was raised by the latter’s representative.

Ann tried to explain the reasoning behind the decision to make them play on the first Sunday, but Mr Davison did not listen to what he was being told.

He was advised that Oakworth should follow the league rules and should have appealed against the executive’s decision in writing inside seven days of the decision taken against them.

Davison’s answer to that was, that if the executive can’t stick to their own rules, they should all consider resigning. Chris Todd, league chairman, offered to resign if someone could do a better job.

The fixture secretary advise that in view of what Davison had said, the entire executive should resign. It was also suggested to him that he should move over to the top table and take over.

The secretary was finally allowed to explain what happened with the match.

A heated debate took place where Davison objected to the way the secretary manipulates the entire executive committee.

She advised that that they were all grown men and they could make up their own minds without her help.

For the record the secretary gather all information pertaining to the match, forwarded by email to all the members of the executive and asked them for their views.

When the replies came back it showed that 10 members wanted the game to played on the first week, one was against that and the other member was on holiday.

Since Oakworth felt so strongly about the matter, she tendered her resignation.

The representative from Ingrow spoke up and explained that nobody had referred to the objectionable phone call from Oakworth to him. The one his wife had unfortunately had to listen to.

The chairman stopped the conversation because it wasn’t achieving anything.

He tried to explain that with some clubs it doesn’t matter what rules are in place, they will always interpret the rules to their best advantage.

I know it is fairly long winded but the above is what is in the minutes that have gone out to all clubs.

Speaking to the chairman after the meeting I told him that I would stop on until the annual general meeting in December and try to keep the league functioning.

My feelings were that with the cup finals coming in August and the dinner in October, together with sorting out averages and awards, I could not walk away after 37 years and watch the league fall like the Walls of Jericho.

The league is holding an extra executive meeting on July 22 to try to find a way of attracting people to fill the vacancies.

Trevor Coe

Fixture secretary to the Craven League