WITH the forecast of some of the highest temperatures so far this summer coupled with low river levels, warnings have been issued to ensure that the wellbeing of fish is uppermost in angler’s minds.

Perhaps the best way to avoid stressing fish on rivers is not to fish for them at all and wait until the weather returns to what is considered normal for the time of year.

Anglers may not have long to wait as the present heatwave is likely to end in thunderstorms, which may have the additional bonus of adding some extra water to water levels besides oxygenating it..

The second warning covers a possible outbreak of the Koi Herpes Virus at Mescar Fishery, Lancashire.

The Fish Health Inspectorate is currently investigating the presence of the disease and if confirmed, will introduce controls to prevent the spread of this highly contagious virus.

The disease affects all common and ornamental carp and can result in high fish mortalities.

Owners of carp fisheries may even kill all their carp and then restock to ensure they get rid of the virus, which can cause financial hardship if it keeps re-occurring.

If fishing continues then anglers must disinfect all their nets before leaving the fishery.

Whinnygill Reservoir is continuing to fish well in response to the good angling conditions and most of the species in the water are being caught, possibly with the exception of tench and trout.

In the latest Sunset Series evening match, the weights were the best recorded so far this season.

John Leatt won with 2490g with Russell Heaton second with 1950g. Simon Chenier was third with 1350g and Malcolm Mawson fourth with 1235g which included a fine perch of 650g. Two competitors failed to weigh in.

Anglers fishing the River Aire are favouring the upper reaches where the water quality is marginally better at the moment.

Sport is moderate with the fly catching the most fish. No big fish are turning up with trout outnumbering grayling by two to one.