DRIVING rain and dense mist shrouded the West Leeds Motor Club's annual Steve Walker Memorial trials course at Skyrakes, Skipton.

Despite the prevailing conditions, 50 competitors had signed their entry form to ride a three-lap 14, albeit mist-shrouded, sections.

Leeds builder Liam Walker, fresh from his French Four Day trial victory, won the Steve Walker Trophy class from former Centre champion Sam Yeadon, who failed the opening section on the third lap.

Baildon accountant Ben Ludgate won Clubman A by a good margin from Anthony Ayrton, while Tony Holmes just foiled Steven Fowler and Neil Gaunt in Clubman B. The latter was riding a Vertigo machine for only the second event.

Results: Steve Walker course: Experts: 1 Liam Walker (Gas Gas) 7, 2 Sam Yeadon, (Beta) 9, 3 Danny Gamble (Serco) 15.

Inters: 1 Louis Haley (Montesano) 29, 2 Tom Rushton (Vertigo) 38. Novices: Ben Cornthwaite (Vertigo) 86, 2 Phil Hancock (Montesa) 90.

Clubman A: Novices: 1 Ben Ludgate (Beta) 6, 2 Shaun Hazelwood (TRS) 14, 3 Andrew Jackson (Montesa) 15.

Over-45s: Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 13, 2 Neil Savage (Gas Gas) 14, Anthony Brown (Gas Gas) 41. Youth: Ethan Chapman (Scorpa) 90.

Clubman B: Novices: 1 Tony Holmes (Beta) 3, 2 Steven Fowler (Beta) 4 mc, 3 Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 14. Youth: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 90. Awards - Steve Walker course.

Expert: Steve Walker Memorial Trophy: Liam Walker. Inter: Penny Ludgate Trophy: Sam Yeadon. Novice: Sam Ludgate Trophy Ben Cornthwaite.

Clubman A: Adult: Yorkshire Rose Trophy: Ben Ludgate. Clubman B: Adult: Sugar Bowl Trophy: Tony Holmes.

Meanwhile, the Wetherby club took the full force of the weather on Saturday evening at exposed Cockhill Mines high above Nidderdale where the club managed to run the fourth trial in the Norman Crooks Trophy series.

The rain prior to the 5.30pm planned starting time was torrential but eased while the 48 competitors rode the four-lap eight-section trial course.

That starting number dropped by a quarter by the time all had completed the trial by which time the rain returned.

The stream level rose significantly as the event progressed. Glasshouses electrician Danny Gamble managed to navigate his way to victory on the hard route losing a mere four penalties.

Phillip Hammond continued his domination in the 50/50 course ranks Over-40s ahead of Vertigo-mounted Chris Laws and Paul Kendall who also rode a Sherco machine.

Hard course: Experts: Danny Gamble (Sherco) 4. Inters: Anthony Ayrton (Montesa) 27. Novices: 1 Bevan Blacker (Gas Gas) 22, 2 Danny Smith (Sherco) 30, 3 Adam Howling (Vertigo) 45. Youth Class A: 1 Richard Pulman (Scorpa) 27, 2 Elliott Laws (Vertigo) 37, 3 Josh Brown (Beta) 54.

50/50 course: Novices: Paul Kendall (Sherco) 43. Over-40s: 1 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 6, 2 Chris Laws (Vertigo) 26, 3 Martin Pratt (Beta) 56. Over-50s: Michael Platts (Sherco) 44.

Youth Class B: 1 Oliver Winstanley 68, 2 Callum Fowler 70. (All Beta). Easy course: Novices: 1 Rhys Bradford (Gas Gas) 59, 2 Callum Benson (Sherco) 68. Over-40s: 1 Thomas Simpson 25, 2 John Henfrey 59. (All Beta).

Over-50s: 1 Stewart Molloy (Beta) 27, 2 Michael Benson (Beta) 43, 3 John Bradford (Sherco) 45. Over-60s: Ian Brogden 46, 2 Mick Bayley 46, 3 David Brogden 64. (All Beta). Twin Shock: Steve Gossop (BSA) 40. Youths: Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 59.

Meanwhile, Kirkbymoorside brothers Dan and Jack Peace riding Team MRS Sherco machines were first and second in the sixth R.T.Keedwell ACU British Trials Championship trial at Windermere, halting the winning run by Denby Dale JST Gas Gas teamster Jack Price.

The latter has a clear 16-point advantage over Truro Beta contender Toby Martyn.

In Trial 2 category, Telford Scorpa rider Tom Minta won from Leyburn's Richard Sadler and James Fry.

Sadler missed the victory by a mere two penalties. Sadler is joint leader of the class with Bewdley's Ross Danby.

Birstall instructor Dan Thorpe took second place in the Expert category and that won him 17 championship points.

The JST Gas Gas rider is now a single point behind Isle of Wight class leader Chris Stay who was placed fourth.

The seventh championship trial will take place at High Wood Farm, Brimham Rocks, Summerbridge on August 4.