DENBY Dale's Jack Price arrived at the pre-historic Brimham Rocks with one thing on his mind, to avenge his third place in the ACU Trials GB R.T Keedwell trial in Westmorland the previous weekend. He did.

He also rode the JST GAS Gas through 12 severe sections and scored the lowest lap score of 15 marks, one up on James Dabill and Jack Peace.

After considerable preparations, the efforts of clerk of course Andrew Carter and his assistant Danny Cockshott, the Mackenzie Trial was all ready to go.

All the Trial GB contenders cleaned the opener on lap one by which time much of the grass had scrubbed down to mud.

A couple of a hundred yards east and the only section not shrouded be trees did start the penalties rolling.

The serious work commenced down in the ravine where the fifth was a flat out maybe third gear blast with bad rock strewn final yards.

The speed carried by Price and Dabill was amazing.

The engine note rattled the birds out of the trees. In trial two, Ross Danby was clean up to the seventh section, but Tom Minta took a two in the penultimate section while erstwhile championship class leader Richard Sadler was not at his best.

Isle of Wight contender Chris Stay held his nerve after a shaky opening lap where Martin Crosswaite's first lap of just two penalties set the standard for the Expert class.

'Crosser' went off the boil on the last lap with a 20 score. Dan Thorpe was right on Stay's case but two stops on lap two killed his hopes. Basically it was a tough day at the office.

Brimham Rocks can be a graveyard of hopes and plans. It was on Sunday apart from Messrs Price, Stay and Danby plus lone ranger Ben Dignan who is just about home and dry in Trial 125.

Results: Trial GB: 1 Jack Price (JST Gas Gsa) 47, 2 Jack Peace (MRS Sherco) 53, 3 James Dabill (Beta UK) 54, 4 Dan Peace (MRS Sherco) 65, 5 Andy Chilton (Scorpa) 66, 6. Championship points: Jack Price 130, Dan Peace 104, Toby Martyn 102.

Trial 2: 1 Ross Danby (TRRS) 7, 2 Tom Minta (Scorpa) 18, 3 Richard Sadler (JST Gas Gas) 28, Championship points: Ross Danby 112, Richard Sadler 104, Sam Connor 100 Trial 125: Ben Dignan (Gas Gas) 73 Championship points: Ben Dignan 137, Brett Harbud (Beta) 105, Adam Harris 75.

Experts: 1 Chris Stay (TRRS) 25, 2 Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas) 26, 3 Richard Sadler (JST Gas Gas) 27, 43 Martin Crosswaite (Montesa) 27, 4 Sam Yeomans (Gas Gas) 37, 5 Bradley Bullock (Beta) 39, 6 Danny Gamble (Sherco) 41 Championship

points: Chris Stay 120, Dan Thorpe 116, Sam Yeomans 100, Emma Bristow 76, Gwynedd Jones 75, Lloyd Price 61, Charlie Smith 48, Bradley Bullock 39.

Thomas Culliford 38, Aldis Blacker 36, Ben Morphett 35, Thomas Ablewhite 25, Richard Pallor 20, Joseph Collins 18, Iwan Jones 17.

Meanwhile, the Bradford Motor Club's WBS Novice & Beginners trials championship series on Wednesday evening at the Manor Farm at Thorlby again demonstrated how popular the Nathan Wrigglesworth Building Service is with the competitors.

Not only does Wrigglesworth sponsor the series but he also plotted the trials course at Manor Farm.

He said: "I set out eight easy sections in view of the rainfall over the preceding days but some were on the slippery side."

Despite the closing comment, both Adam Thornton and Robert Berry only registered two penalties on the hard course and Beginner class winner Jonathan Battersby was quite happy with his seven score. Exactly 40 competitors completed the course.