A FIRST time winner won the Dick Keighley Cup at Skipton Devon Bowling Club on Sunday.

The competition is held annually for league players who do not bowl in the First Division.

The weather was not too bright for the competition, but 20 entries took part supported well by Craven, Whinfield, Steeton and Rolls Royce bowlers.

The early games got the worst of the weather, but good bowling saw close matches with good wins for Mick Demain 21-20 over teammate Warren Burnett Jnr, and Kevin Burnett getting the better of Steven Naylor 21-19.

Ex-president Warren Burnett did well to get through against Whinfield’s Gary Hodge 21-19, while Steve Hounslow met his Rolls Royce teammate Ann Longden, but club friendship was put to one side as Hounslow went through 21-10.

The quarter-finals saw six Craven players in opposition, as Warren Burnett Snr was in cracking form to defeat Peter Shaw 21-8 including eight pairs.

Mick Demain did very well to beat in-form Will Beswick 21-15, the final all Craven match saw youngsters Jonathan Brown and Oliver Burnett in opposition, it was a close encounter but Brown came out on top with a 21-18 win. The last quarter-final saw Steve Hounslow play Whinfield’s Gary Bailey, which was another close game that saw Hounslow going through 21-17.

In the semi-final, young Jonathan Brown took on his team captain Warren Burnett Snr, but Brown was not overawed by the match and held his play together keeping Burnett on his toes.

The game was close throughout with Brown leading 16-15. Burnett then found the mark to get the points required to go through 21-16.

The other semi-final was a really good game with both players closely matched, and Steve Hounslow got off to the better start just winning the close ends, but Mick Demain was bowling well without getting the breaks.

Hounslow looked to be getting away with 15-9 lead, but Demain showed his determination to pull back to 19-17, but it was not enough as two singles saw Hounslow through 21-17.

Both players were pleased to reach the final with a new name to grace the winners list. Hounslow once again got the early breaks to lead 7-4, but Burnett stuck to the task keeping his score moving as he could not afford to get behind.

It was going well for Burnett who was 12-11 down, but Hounslow then upped his game. Burnett could not get the jack and Hounslow kept it going to run out to a 21-11 victory. Prizes and trophy were presented by the league secretary.

Skipton Broughton Road have had a very successful season in the Yorkshire County Eric Hutchinson Trophy, reaching the final after a resounding victory over Brighouse Sports. The team produced a very good performance against Thorner Bowling Club in the Leeds District. They had nine winners out the 12 games with Darrell Gore 21-10 and Dan Moore 21-11 the best wins in a 235-185 victory.

Broughton Road v Brighouse Sports: M Lee 21 J Horsley 13, A Uttley 17 P Owen 21, D Seed 21 J Bloomer 12, D Gore 21 T Naylor 10, F Ellis 21 D Davies 12, V Abell 21 H Simpson 15, D Smith 21 N Hopper 15, D Precious 19 J Horsley 21, G Bottomley 21 G Reay 14, R Baker 21 D Dyson 20, K Burnett 10 M Connelly 21, D Moore 21 G Bradford 11.

The final will be on Sunday, October 6, with the venue to be decided. Broughton Road Club are running a coach to the final, and if anyone interested in going get in touch with the club.