WHILE the weather has returned to near normal with lower temperatures, some rain and windier conditions, the recent boost of warm weather has benefitted all of the local fisheries with excellent sport being reported.

Whinnygill Reservoir is fishing very well with some good-sized bream falling to feeder ledger tactics on the shallower southern ledge.

Fish up to around the 1360g mark are quite common and take some landing mainly due to their weight rather than their fighting ability.

Tench, roach and perch are also feeding well and one of the best bags has weighed about 13.7 kg and was caught after a six-hour session in the quarry corner.

With less than a month remaining of the brown trout season, the fishing has sprung into life and anglers have reported some decent catches from the Skipton to Gargrave length of the River Aire.

The trout are not all that big this year with a 1kg fish being looked on as a specimen. The fly and baits are all successful at the moment with the river running just above normal.

One angler enjoyed a mixed bag of fish from the Skipton length recently, fishing and feeding the maggot.

In an evening session, he landed two grayling, seven chub and at least 10 trout in just over an hour after the first swim he tried only yielded a couple of trout.

Embsay Reservoir is also fishing reasonably well following the recent restocking with mainly tiger trout.

The occasional brownie is also making its way to the landing net, but some of them are in a rather poor condition for this time of the season.

The canal continues to fish well on nearly every swim with very good catches of normal canal size roach, perch , skimmers and gudgeon.

Boat traffic can be a nuisance and the best time is definitely early morning or late evening.

Skipton Angling Association match anglers are catered for this Sunday with the final match for the PR Hart trophy.

The venue will be Whinnygill Reservoir with the draw at 8am and fishing from 9am until noon.

Hopefully, the sport will be as good as that enjoyed by pleasure anglers of late.