THE water of the week appears to be the canal, judging from those who are still wetting a line in and around Skipton.

Some very good fish are being landed, including bream on bread flake and perch mainly on worm.

One angler had a surprise catch when he brought in a 22cm jack pike that took a maggot.

Roach and gudgeon are also turning up on most lengths of the canal in good numbers and sizes.

Whinnygill Reservoir at Skipton is not that far behind the canal in terms of good fishing with some splendid catches of quality roach and ide.

Perch and bream are being caught in good numbers and even a specimen tench has been landed recently.

For those who still like to fish for trout, Embsay Reservoir can oblige and during the occasional decent spell of weather, decent sized rainbows and tiger trout can be caught on the fly.

Only the spartic trout are disappointing at the moment with no reports of any turning up in catches.

Brown trout are now out of season at the reservoir, but have hardly been seen for the last few weeks.

Now what can be said about the River Aire other than it has been running high for at least the last three weeks with several days reaching bank top or overflowing into the surrounding fields.

One or two anglers have been seen in action but whether they have caught anything is anyone’s guess.

An angler fishing last Saturday on Heslaker Lane looked to be after pike judging by the size of his landing net.

The river was just falling after flooding the day before.

The match on the river this Sunday is still scheduled to go ahead, but it will depend very much on the state of the river on the day.

The weather forecast is poor at the time of writing but you never can tell.

With just under 225mm of rain falling in the last three weeks, there is certainly going to be a strong flow in the river.