NO chance of a wet course cancellation for the annual John Metcalfe Trophy Trial on Sunday on the towering acres of Cowling Cragg where 54 competitors rode a splendid 20-section trials course.

The trial base was New Bridge Farm, half-a-mile south of the Cowling Cragg summit, where seven hillside sections got the show on the road.

Not much road, though, as competitors tracked across the moor to Lumb Waterfall where the stream was low enough to plot sections 14 to 17 tested the entry.

The gully at the low end featured nine to 11 sections. Event secretary Carina Carter doubled up as observer at section eight while Andy Walkers observed section 18.

Several notables navigated the Pennines from Lancashire and also made off with the top trophies.

There was even surplus observers on hand which allowed Brian Ayrton out to play with his Nikon on the day.

Top man on the day was George Morten on a mere five penalties, most clean from Jack Spencer with Martin Crosswaite who lost the plot with a three on the last section.

Ilkley's Graham Tales claimed the 50’50 class from Anthony Ayrton and Andrew King while Tom Green excelled on the easy route ahead of Stewart Oughton. For some obscure reason only one Youth age competitor entered so Danny Gamble headed home happy.

Hard course: Experts: George Morten (Scopa) 5 mc, Jack Spencer (Beta) 5, Martin Crosswaite (Montesa) 7.

Inters: Sam Boocock (Sherco) 23, Tom Rushton (Vertigo) 32, Novices: William Tolson (Beta) 42, Ben Cornthwaite (Vertigo) 60, Phil Hancock (Montesa) 61.

Youth Class A: Danny Gamble (Beta) 15. 50/50 course: Inters: Anthony Ayrton (TRS) 20, Shaun Hazelwood (TRS) 48, Dan Lambert (Vertigo) 62. Novices: Graham Tales (Montesa) 15, Robert Berry (Beta) 53, Errol Brown (Beta) 80.

Over 40s: Andrew King (Beta) 38, John Holdsworth (Beta) 48, Neil Wright (TRS) 53.

Easy course: Novices: Tom Green (TRS) 12, Ian Blackburn (Sherco) 26, Jonathon Jackson (Beta) 60.

Over 40s: Stewart Oughton (Beta) 14, Paul Haigh (Vertigo) 31, Ian Haigh (Montesa) 35.

Meanwhile, despite the torrential rain the hammered down on Nidderdale on Saturday the Yeadon-Guiseley club’s ninth championship trial took place at Cockhill Mines on Sunday.

The streams running down the disused lead mines were down to a rideable level.

With no activity in the East Yorks Centre Olly Kendra dropped ín to explore the delights of Cockhill – and won the hard route class from Richmond‘s Ryan Brown.

Only nine riders headed for the hard route where Danny Cockshott bailed out after three laps. Somehow he footed in every section. Kendra and Brown did master sections five, eight and nine.

Paul Jackson just contained builder James Langstaff in Clubman A but only by a dab, while Vertigo convertee Neil Gaunt did the same with Phillip Hammond.

A dab by Hammond on lap two in section six cost him a chance of the top spot.

Rob Hardisty was at odds with the same section and dropped seven of his score.

Two boys in Clubman A deserve a mention. Harry McLoughlin and Jasper Fox were placed fifth and sixth in the class with strong scores.

Harrison Lightfoot is another who battles round either in Small Wheels or the main course.

Results: Hard course: Olly Kendra (Montesa) 43, Inter: Peter Sharp (Beta) 57. Rob McNeil (Beta) 73, Ben Handley (Beta) 102. Novices: Ryan Brown (Beta) 44, Adam Howling (Vertigo) 116. Youth Class A: Cameron Brice (Beta) 70, Josh Brown (Beta) 84.

Clubman A: Paul Jackson (Montesa) 33, James Langstaff (Beta) 33, Adam Elliott (Beta) 41.

Youth Class A: Harry McLoughlin (Beta) 54. Youth Class B: Jasper Fox (Beta) 58, Charlie Crossland (Beta) 103.

Clubman B: Novices: Karl Greaves (Vertigo) 21, Tom Peacock (Beta) 27, Rob Dawson (Sherco) 29.

Over 40: Philip Hammond (Sherco) 8, Over 50s: Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 7, Rob Hardisty (Sherco) 16, Tony Holmes (Beta) 22. Youth Class B: Adam Sharp (Beta) 62, Jamie Sharp (Beta) 84.

Small Wheels hard course: Harrison Lightfoot (Beta) 6, Alfie Carney (Oset) 18m Jimmy Crabtree (Beta) 18. Middle course: Poppy Fletcher 8, Ruby Lawrie 13, Sophie Sellers 66. (All Oset). Easy course: Koby Smith (Beta) 9, Edward Kopasz (Oset) 69.