A PROPOSED rule change in the Mewies Solicitors Craven League puts the onus firmly on clubs to ensure that their overseas players meet ECB regulations regarding visa eligibility.

The proposed rule 6b, which was read out to the league's rules revision meeting at Cross Hills Social Club on Monday night, states: "Clubs are responsible for the registration of overseas players and must assure themselves that the player meets ECB regulations concerning the eligibility of players to play in the Craven & District League."

Rule 6c proposes: "Clubs are responsible for ensuring that overseas players' visa entry requirements have been satisfied and that the player is entitled to be in the country to play cricket."

Rule 6d proposes: "Any club found to have breached any part of this rule will be considered to have played an ineligible player and may be subject to any of the sanctions set out in disciplinary rule 9b."

A proposal over loan players met with a mixed reaction from the meeting.

Part of Skipton CI's proposal read: "Should a team loan more than four players in any game then the game can go ahead but the match will be considered conceded as far as league points are concerned using playing rule 31 (concession of matches).

Oakworth's league representative Keith Gilert said: "This part of the proposed rule change would have affected us a couple of times this season, and I can see where the proposal is coming from in that if you have more than four loan players then it isn't really your team, but my only issue is if you concede the game it reduces the likelihood of people wanting to play the game at all."

League executive committee member Martin Burgess added: "It is all about getting games of cricket played," while Bill Marshall, who has been proposed as the league's media and Play Cricket officer, said: "You are also depriving 11 members of the opposition of a game."

Skipton CI also proposed that start times be brought forward 30 minutes to 1.30pm, while the league's executive committee proposed that qualifications for averages in Division Four be reduced to a minimum of 250 runs for batsmen and 25 wickets for bowlers, with all of the other divisions remaining at a minimum of 300 runs and 30 wickets.

The proposed rule changes will be voted on at the league's annual meeting on Monday, December 9 at Cross Hills Social Club (7.30pm).

Peter Foster was ratified as acting league secretary and Ryan Judson as acting fixture secretary.