RICHARD Sadler won the annual DT Smith Trophy Trial at a soggy Addingham Moorside but only after a first lap wake-up call after he footed section seven on the first of three laps.

That error took his first lap score to four while Tom Minta got his Birkett Scorpa round on two penalties, one where Sadler foundered and second on the rock climb at section 12.

The mathematics came into play when both front runners tied on five, but Sadler got it on most cleans.

Vertigo-mounted Sam Yeomans was right in the frame with six dabs then a damaging stop where Sadler hit trouble.

Only the top trio out of 13 hard course contenders managed to ride the seventh clean.

Only four got up with dab and one was Harry Hemingway who went to make the top quintet and take Class A Youth.

Katy Sunter took all the Clubman A riders to the cleaners, just by a point after being hassled by Paul Gravestock and his Scorpa and TRS-mounted Neil Wright.

The top five were split by single penalties. Gravestock sort of looked easy on the sections and was line perfect on the twisting third section where Katy S stopped on lap one.

In terms of classes Alice Minta won overall which for a 15-year-old was just a fair result. She ran off with Youth A from Harry McLouglin and headed Katy by 13 penalties.

On the Clubman B route Phillip Hammond, without his rear gunner Rob Hardisty on the day, ruled over Neil Gaunt and Tony Holmes.

Danny Cockshott set out the three lap main course and trundled round on his Montesa to grab third Inter behind Thomas Housecroft and Tom Rushton.

The 10 small wheelers had six Stephen Addy plotted sections right on hand behind the car park and then north along the lower boundary wall where the ground was waterlogged.

The electric bikes did spin up easy and it was apparent that the strokers did find grip where it was muddy.

Alfie Carney was sharp and won the hard route from Jimmy and Bobby Crabtree while Poppy Fletcher headed Alanna Eagleton on the middle route.

Both girls struggled for grip on the rock steps. Finlay Harsley won the Easy class, just, from a determined Edward Kopasz. That boy does not give up and he managed to clean the last section, on the last lap.

Results: Championship course: Experts: Richard Sadler (JST Gas Gas) 5, Tom Minta (Birkett Scorpa) 5, Sam Yeomans (Vertigo) 11.

Inters: Thomas Housecroft (Vertigo) 41, Tom Rushton (Vertigo) 60, Danny Cockshott (Montesa) 77,

Novices: William Tolson (Beta) 53, Charlie Smith (Beta) 55, Phil Howlett (TRS) 96.

Youth Class A: Harry Hemingway (Beta) 34. Clubman A course. Katy Sunter (JST Gas Gas) 37, Paul Gravestock (Scorpa) 38, Neil Wright (TRS) 39.

Youth Class A: Alice Minta (Scorpa) 24, Harry McLouighlin (Beta) 49, Keiran Skeehan (Beta) 59.

Youth Class B: George Hemingway (Beta) 29, Max Chadwick (Beta) 34, Henry Stephenson (TRS) 34.

Clubman B course: Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 17, Neil Gaunt (Vertigo) 25 mc, Tony Holmes (Beta) 25.

Youth Class B: Josh Pearson 53, Arran Sherwin 96, Max Percival 124. (All Beta).

Youth Class C: Freddie Stephenson 80, Harrison Lightfoot 124. All Beta). Small Wheels Conducted.

Hard course: Alfie Carney (Oset) 34, Jimmy Crabtree (Beta) 57, Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 58.

Middle course: Poppy Fletcher 39, Alanna Eagleton 68, Aiden Richardson 69. (All Oset).

Easy course: Finlay Harsley 58, Edward Kopasz 65 (All Oset).

Meanwhile, 39 competitors turned out for the last event of this year's Novice & Beginners series.

Another course which got slippery towards the end of the trial and those in the know kept up a steady pace to finish their event before the sections got too cut up.

Fairly close marking at the top on the main route, but it was Steven Fowler who just bested last event's winner Paul Kettlewell by two marks.

On the 50/50 route Mick Kettlewell (Paul's dad and an experienced rider) made amends by taking top spot on this route.

The easy course was won by Nick Maffin, two marks ahead of the last event's winner Ged Fallon. Class C competitor Jack Pullan rode well in the conditions to take an overall fourth placing in the easy route.

Interesting statistic from Saturday’s event. Lauren Crowder, Leonni Tighe and Ryan and Aaron Crowder crossed the Pennines to sample the delights of Post Hill. The club now take a break and run again on Boxing Day.

Results: Main course: Novices: Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 8, Jody Smith (Beta) 17, Arron Crowder (Beta) 17. Over 40s: Steven Fowler (Beta) 6, Chris Wilson (Gas Gas) 67.

50-50 course: Novice: Jason Godbehare (TRS) 71. Over 40s: Andy Cobb (Beta) 24, Kieron Jackson (Beta) 48. Over 50s: Andrew Clough (Gas Gas) 51, Graham Wigglesworth (Bultaco) 53. Over 60: Mick Kettlewell (TRS) 13.

Pre-65: Mick Clarke (Ariel) 46. Youth Class B: Freddie Stephenson (TRS) 46, Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 51 mc.

Easy course: Novices: Matt Jackson (TRS) 26, Andrew Grimshaw (Montesa) 30, LeonniTighe Sherco) 35. Over 40s: Simon Cassidy (Montesa) 34. Over 50s: Nick Maffin (Beta) 15, Ged Fallon (TRS) 17. Over 60s: Nigel Barrett (Beta) 29, Steve Wicks (Sherco) 29, Mike Frizzell (Beta) 36.Youth Class B: Lauren Crowder (Sherco) 66. Youth Class C: Jack Pullan (Beta) 25.