CLUBS in the Aire-Wharfe League have opted to keep their current constitution, where second teams can face first teams.

The major change, which was only brought in this season, meant that North Leeds and Tong Park Esholt's second teams went up into Division Three, finishing seventh and eighth respectively despite facing 10 first teams.

Conversely, Old Leodiensians and Shadwell's first XIs dropped into Division Four to face 10 second teams, with Leos being promoted back to Division Three, while Shadwell only just avoided a second successive relegation.

Some clubs wanted the experiment to end immediately, but the majority felt, doubtless persuaded by North Leeds and Tong Park Esholt's second teams each winning seven matches, that the idea needed at least another three or four years to bed in before anyone thought about changing back.

Rawdon's proposal, which was seconded by Harden - whose first team have been relegated to Division Four - was defeated 27-9.

However, one proposal that was carried at the league's annual meeting at Otley Rugby Union Football Club was that the Birtwhistle Cup (second team cup competition) revert back to 40 overs per side from being a T20.

Ilkley's proposal, seconded by Olicanian, was carried 21-15, with the feeling of the league's October Council (rules revision) meeting being that the shorter format took something away from the prestige of the event.

That proposal also led to the scrapping of the short-lived Awards Galore Cup T20 event (begun in 2018), but there is a feeling that there is some merit in T20 cricket as witnessed by the support for Burley's annual event.

Clubs normally have until October 31 to withdraw from the Birtwhistle Cup but that deadline has been extended until the end of the year, with the draws for the Waddilove Cup and Birtwhistle Cup taking place in the new year.

Waddilove Cup and Birtwhistle Cup ties will start at 1.30pm, Chappell Cup (third teams) ties at 2pm (excluding the semi-final, which will begin at 1pm) and all cup finals at 1pm.

Another proposed rule change that was passed was the introduction of the Duckworth Lewis Stern calculation for league matches that are rain affected.

Ilkley's proposal, seconded by Rawdon, was carried 26-10, while live scoring will take place in divisions One to Four, which was carried 22-14.

Fielding circles will be introduced to all matches in Divisions Four to Six (passed 24-12) and third-team league matches will begin at 2pm, rather than 2.30pm, but at 1pm from August 1 onwards.

The proposal for noon starts in all Saturday league matches fell 26-9, with one abstention, while Rawdon's proposal that each division should contain no more than 10 clubs fell 27-7, with two abstentions.

There will be no transfer of overs in first team, second team or third-team matches in 2020.