A GROUP of students won honours at an elite karate centre competition.

Elite Karate Centre, which runs a karate class at Greatwood Community Centre every Monday and Wednesday from 5.45pm to 7pm, for children aged five years and over, held its first Elite karate centre competition 2019 where students from Keighley and Skipton competed against each other.

At the club's latest awards session, held earlier this month, the trophies were awarded as follows: Kata: 1 Kamran Hussain, 2 Awais Kashif; Adult Kumite: 3 Kasser Raza; Class Dojo award children: 3 Mohammed Raza; Splits Competition: 1 Isaac Hussain.

The club runs on Mondays and Wednesdays at Greatwood Community Centre from 5.45pm till 7pm. For more information, call 07983 725956 or go to elitekaratecentre.co.uk