SILSDEN'S Dougie Lampkin conceded victory to his 14-year-old nephew Harry Hemingway at Kex Gill where the Horsforth Motor Club staged their annual Basic Memorial Trial.

The multi world champion dropped three penalties, including a two score in the 16th section on lap one.

On a post event count it seemed nephew had aced uncle but sharp eyed observer Nick Cahill had logged Hemingway for a knee dab in section three on lap two. Amazingly he managed to clean the first lap completely.

“He was line perfect in every section” commented his father Dan.

An Arctic gale blasted across the moors carrying rain and sleet which hammered the observers throughout the day.

Only 64 started the trial and only two dropped out, A bonus was the moderate scores in all three classes. On the hard route Lampkin and Hemingway were the top experts.

15-year-old Lucy Ayrton, from Barnoldswick, crashed her TRS trial motorcycle in the opening event in the British Ladies and Girls Trials Championship event at Aston Tirroid, Oxfordshire.

Despite her fall she remounted and rode the final lap and nine sections to finish in second place. That earned Ayrton 17 championship points.

In the fall she sustained a small laceration and some bruises. Lucy, her father Anthony and grandfather Brian are dedicated Bradford Motor Club members and are involved in the club's events.