SKIPTON Cricket Club have launched a great initiative to allow locals to keep in contact and reminisce in these uncertain times.

Skipton Memories is a Zoom group running every Friday at 11am which gives people a chance to celebrate the sporting history of the area.

Founder Ji Mukherjee said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with a Skipton sporting background to share their stories and meet friends from the past via the wonders of the internet.

"It is a very simple process and we can help anyone new to using this platform to connect. Please do join us."

Participant Barry Rodgers added: “These sessions are a great opportunity to chat and share memories of Skipton and surrounding area, particularly in the current times we are living in to maintain links with people.”

The group was born out of the Yorkshire Cricket Heritage: Reminiscence & Education – Building a Legacy Project led by Yorkshire Cricket Foundation, and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

The foundation have worked with over 15 clubs in the Leeds and Bradford postcode areas to encourage clubs to share and celebrate their heritage.

Yorkshire Cricket Foundation's Chris Chatten said: “We initially envisaged setting up several reminiscence groups linked to clubs led by their volunteers and hold weekly sessions in clubs, care homes or other community venues.

"This became impossible when we were about to launch the first session just as we went into lockdown.

"Luckily, we were able to launch an alternative reminiscence offer via Zoom working with Looking Back, our Cricket reminiscence group, and this has been going every Thursday 2pm since the end of April.

"Ji was one of several volunteers to receive training in facilitating reminiscence sessions.”

If you would like to join the Zoom group, contact Ji Mukherjee on 07845 416301 or email: