CLUBS in the Aire-Wharfe League do not want to be involved in the 'pyjama game'.

A proposal by the league's management committee about cup competitions stated: "For each match throughout the competition, a new pink ball will be used.

"Teams can choose to wear either full whites or coloured clothing; however, the entire team must wear the same."

Even Zings flashing bails would have been permitted.

"We think that this is the way forward," said league secretary Matt Grimes at the meeting, which was held on Zoom.

However, clubs at the league's council (rules revision) meeting did not second the proposal and it will therefore not go forward to the annual meeting in December.

But in other ways, the meeting did embrace the 21st century by allowing the introduction of a super over in cup matches to go to a vote in December.

If passed, it would do away with the need for a replay at the away side's ground the following Sunday if matches are tied at the end of the allotted overs.

Also going to the annual meeting is a vote on bringing in penalty runs if teams do not bowl their allotted overs in cup matches in 2hr 51min.

Presently, there is no time limit on how long it takes a side to bowl their overs, but if the proposed rule is passed, five penalty runs would be awarded to the batting side for every over that remained unbowled.

There is an allowance, however, for umpires to add time for mitigating factors such as lost balls, injuries, time-wasting by the batting side and any additional breaks of play, but these do not include drinks breaks.

The truncated campaign in 2020 has brought about a proposal from Bilton on what constitutes a season that is long enough to warrant promotion and relegation.

This season, the Aire-Wharfe League bravely opted for promotion and relegation (generally speaking one-up, one-down) in a 16-match season, whereas all of the other local leagues decided against rises and falls.

Bilton's proposal read: "Should Government or ECB advice cause the league season to be suspended or delayed, then unless a minimum of 16 matches out of a 22-match season are able to be completed (including rained-off fixtures), then promotion and relegation will be cancelled.

"Provision can be made for adding fixtures to the end of the season, in order of cancellation, but no fixture is to take place after September 23."

Bolton Villas seconded the proposal.