THE Aire-Wharfe League want to hand out punishments to clubs that concede matches.

The management committee told clubs at the league's council meeting, held on Zoom, that they propose to take 20 points (the maximum that a club can earn for a win) off sides that cannot fulfil a fixture.

The 'winners' on the day will receive 20 points, but if there are no other matches played in the division that day, the 'winners' will only receive three points.

As the proposed rule change was seconded by Calverley, it will be put to the vote at the league's annual meeting next month.

If conceded matches are on the rise, then so are teams taking to the field with less than 11 players.

Bilton propose that any team that takes part in a match with short numbers be deducted two points for each player that they are short.

However, they add that no team should be deducted more points than they would have earned in the match.

This proposed rule change was seconded by Leeds Modernians.

Bilton also suggested that any proposed rule change would only require a simple majority, rather than a two-thirds majority, and this was seconded by Calverley.

Other proposals made by Bilton were that covers be put over the wicket for all rain interruptions and that transferred players be allowed to make their debut after August 1, while the management committee proposed that no time be lost for any interruption by sun.

The league pay travelling expenses to umpires as well as their match fees.

However, Bilton want travelling expenses to be ditched and that the fees go up to £45 per match (from £44.50) if there are two umpires at a 100-over game but come down from £66.75 to £65 if there is only one umpire.

If there is no play then they suggest that umpires be paid £10 (rather than £22.50).

For matches of 90-overs duration, Bilton want the fees to remain the same for one and two umpires (£40 and £60) but that if there is no play then an umpire should be paid £10 rather than £20.

In games of 80-overs duration, they suggest that an umpire should be paid £35 (instead of £35.50) or £50 if they go solo (down from £53.25) and £10 if there is no play (instead of £17.75).

A counter proposal by the management committee would keep travelling expenses and pay umpires £50 for a 100-over match, £45 for a 90-over match and £40 for an 80-over match if there are two officials and £75, £67.50 and £60 respectively if there is only one umpire.

If matches are rained off, they propose that umpires be paid £25, £22.50 and £20 respectively for the various length of matches.