CLUBS in the Craven League could be discussing two proposals to bring in batting and bowling bonus points at their rules revision meeting at Cross Hills Social Club tomorrow night.

One proposal is for the winner of the match to automatically get 20 points, with only the losing team earning bonus points.

They would be able to earn a maximum of 10 points – five for batting (one bonus point for every 20 runs scored starting at 100 up to a maximum of five points) and five for bowling (one bonus point for every two wickets, starting at one wicket up to a maximum of five points).

For an abandoned match without any play, both teams would be awarded three points, while for a match that is abandoned after play starts, both teams would be awarded three points plus any bonus points they earn.

A match that is tied would earn both teams five points, plus any bonus points.

If a match is conceded, the non-offending team would be awarded 20 points and the offending team nothing.

If a side fields less than 11 players they will be deemed to be all out if they lose all but one of their wickets, which is the same as if they fielded 11 players.

Any deliberate declarations to rob opponents of bonus points will be subject to scrutiny by the league’s executive committee.

The alternative bonus points proposal is that the winners do not automatically receive 20 points, but that both teams can earn bonus points.

Batting bonus points would start at 100 (one point) and go up in increments of 25 runs, so that 125 would earn two points, 150 three points, up to a maximum of five points for 180 runs or more.

Bowling bonus points would start at two wickets (one point) and go up in two-wicket increments up to a maximum of five points for 10 wickets.

Points for tied matches, matches abandoned after play starts and matches with no play would be the same as the first proposal (i.e. five points for a tie and three for abandoned matches).

Clubs will also discuss whether to revert to 45 and 40 overs (instead of 40 in the top three divisions and 35 in Division Four), and whether to change the Manorlands Plate to a Hundred format.

They will also look at whether to re-introduce teas and whether to put umpires’ fees up to £40 each if there are two umpires (up from £35) or make it £60 if they stand alone.

Other proposed rule changes would give the management committee more power, and to limit entry to the league from clubs that are more than 12 miles from a central point, deemed to be Sutton-in-Craven Cricket Club.