THE Mewies Solicitors Craven League have introduced a criteria for clubs applying to join.

They include expected things such as having no issues with the league that they are leaving, having a good infrastructure, having security of tenure and maintaining decent facilities all year round.

However, there is also a geographical criteria to pass, namely that the club applying should be within a radius of 12 miles from Sutton-in-Craven Cricket Club, nominally the centre of the league as regards current member clubs.

This would not debar a club such as Bowling Baptists, who play at Manningham Mills, from joining, and the Bradford Mutul Sunday School League club hope to make a presentation to the Craven League at their next full league meeting on February 14.

Meanwhile, clubs also voted in a proposal for batting and bowling bonus points for the 2022 season.

Instead of three points for a win, two for a tie and one point for a match that is abandoned beforehand or after starting, clubs can gain a maximum of 20 points for a victory.

The win itself will gain a club 10 points, and the other 10 can be made up by a maximum of five batting points (starting at 100 runs and going up in 20-run increments) and a maximum of five bowling points (starting at two wickets, with an extra point for each two wickets thereafter).

However, a club will not disadvantaged by dismissing their opponents cheaply as they will gain any batting points that the losers do not.

Matches will revert to a maximum of 45 overs per innings for the top three divisions and a maximum of 40 overs for Division Four, while umpires’ fees will be £40 per match if there are two umpires (up from £35) and £70 per match if there is only one.

Junior players (under-18s) from another club (such as from Saltaire to Wilsden as happened in the 2021 season) can now play in the first 18 matches of a Craven League season, as long as they are not a first-teamer at the loaning club, but not in the last four games of the campaign.

Meanwhile, rules have been tightened up to stop an established first or second-teamer from a club outside the Craven League from playing in the Craven League, thus closing a loophole.

Teas will return to the league for 2022 as per in the 2019 season.

The league reported a loss of £305.51 on the year ending November 23, 2021, but they still have £10,726.95 to play with.

Treasurer Chris Todd stated: “We are not at the pauper’s door yet.”

League fees have been re-introduced for 2022 at £18 per team, plus £10 each for any additional teams.