THE plan for improving cycling infrastructure in the area seems confused to say the least (Council plan for cycle route map, February 3).

The plan to segregate cyclists and vehicles is expensive and unnecessary and the assertion that ‘white lines don’t protect cyclists’ is a misnomer.

I have commuted by bicycle for decades, in towns, cities and along country lanes. The safest I felt was in the city of Bristol where cycling was commonplace, drivers were sympathetic and there were no segregated cycle lanes.

The least safe I have felt is cycling into Skipton, and it is mainly because there is nothing to improve dangerous junctions and sections of road and because some drivers go too fast on the back roads.

Neither of these things are particularly difficult or expensive to improve. There could be hatched areas at junctions, advanced stop lines for cyclists at traffic lights, and a 40 limit on the back roads and signs to indicate the roads are cycling and walking friendly.

The plan to create a ‘county-wide map of non public rights of way’ in the hope this will help cyclists is bizarre.

If the aim is to force cyclists off the roads it will make things worse, as the fewer cyclists there are on the roads, the worse it is for the remaining ones.

My advice to the council is to ditch the county wide map, save whatever money you were planning to spend on expensive consultations and do some basic stuff to make cyclists safer.

The more cyclists there are on the road, the less tension there will be between motorists and cyclists and the safer everyone will be.

Doug Clark