SKIPTON Knights travelled to Huddersfield for their first away game of the season against the Almondbury Spartans.

The Knights had defeated Almondbury both home and away in the 2021 season and were now craving the hat trick.

Almondbury would get the first touch of the ball as the Knights would kick down the vertiginous slopes of Arkenley Lane.

Strong defensive effort from the Knights combined with the substantial gradient of the pitch would prevent Almondbury from making many meters.

It wasn't long before fullback Caleb McConville graced the steeden.

Caleb's agile footwork and blistering pace would leave Almondbury scratching their heads as he sliced through their defensive line like a hot knife through butter for the opening try of the match.

Dean Barritt's boot was striking hot and added the extra two.

The Knights full back was now aware of the defensive weakness on Almondbury's left edge which he fully exploited and continued to wreak havoc on throughout the game.

Almondbury wouldn't give up so easily and their determination combined with some questionable decisions would bring them within striking distance of the Knights' whitewash.

On their last tackle, Almondbury would tap a perfectly weighted grubber over the line which was well grounded under the sticks. Conversion followed.

Roughhousery was prevalent in this fiery affair and tensions finally boiled over, resulting in a midfield scuffle. Once the dust had settled, common sense prevailed and play resumed.

Almondbury would score again before half time with a determined individual effort against the Knights on their try line.

The second half saw the Knights playing uphill in which their effort levels remained high.

The Knights’ thundering runs must have echoed loudly throughout the valleys of Huddersfield as no other than Danny Brough, former Man of Steel and the joint fifth-highest points scorer in rugby league history turned up to watch the spectacle further unfold.

Not to be outshone by his sibling, Xander McConville would bulldoze his way over the line twice.

Skipper Dean Barritt, vice captain Keenan McConville and Jack Mcleod would also add to the scoresheet.

Jack's ever exuberant all or nothing attitude left his body in tatters as he limped to the sideline with a suspected torn hamstring.

Defensive errors enabled Almondbury to score on the Knights' left edge as the final whistle blew.

Almondbury's try was converted, leaving the final score at Almondbury Spartan A 18, Skipton Knights RLFC 48.