ONE thing about Manor Farm high above the village of Glusburn is the panoramic view of Airedale which is a bonus after the long walk up the farm drive for the observers and spectators.

The remains of a quarry and adjacent moorland with large rock outcrops and endless heather growth. For some reason only twenty seven competitors opted for the Bradford's clubs mid-week trial, The weather was good.

The lane side remains of the quarry housed he first three sections then it was a short ride to the bottom of the back field for the other nine sections in the heather. Riders were few but unbelievably there was a surplus in observers.


Hard course.

Novices: 1 Michael Winstanley Beta) 11, 2 Lucy Ayrton (TRS) 17, 3 Chris Watson (TRS) 28.

Youth Class A: Josh Pearson (Vertigo) 8.

Class B: 1 Jacob Reeday (Beta) 6, 2 Charlie Petty (Beta) 28, 3 Oliver Petty

(Beta) 60.

Youth Class C: Koby Smith (Beta) 52.

50/50 course:

Novices: 1 Daniel Appleby 33, 2 Chris Mitchell (Vertigo) 51.

Youth Class C: Isaac Reeday (Beta) 33.

Beginner's course:

Novices: 1 Richard Whitaker 1, 2 Vernon Clarke 1, 3 Steve Wicks 11. (All Beta).

Youth Class B: Noah Morten (Beta) 14.

Youth Class C: 1 Sm Ethell (Beta) 12, 2 Will Ethell (Beta) 31.

Youth Class D: Jacob Smith (Beta) 58.