TWO walking football teams from Skipton (over 50's and over 60's) claimed victories in Portugal recently.

Both squads entered a 20-team, two-day festival in the Algarve and won the Bowl and Plate competitions respectively.

It was the first tournament of its type that the two teams had entered and only the club’s second tournament in four years.

Chris McGrath who runs the club, said: “Walking football is primarily for the over 50's , but we have under 50's wanting to get fit and join the club. It is great exercise for both your mental and physical health and is open to males and females.

“We play at Sandylands Sports Centre in Skipton three times per week with 60+ players playing five, six, seven, eight or even nine-a-side. New players are welcome. It sounds lethargic but trust me when I say that the one-hour session of cardio helps you on your journey to get fit and it is also great fun as well.”

For more information, contact Chris McGrath on or call 07429508537.