A MOVE to change the allocation of points in the Craven League has narrowly failed.

A club proposal was to switch to the system used in the Huddersfield League, where a victory would gain six points, a tie four points each and an abandoned or cancelled match two points each.

Bonus points would only be gained by the losing side if they achieve 75 per cent of the total they are chasing (one point) or if they achieve 90 per cent (two points).

For bowling, a losing side would gain one bonus point for taking six or seven wickets or two points if they take eight wickets or more.

The proposal was put forward because it was felt that, under the current Craven League system of 10 point for a win with 10 more points available for batting and bowling (a maximum of five points each), it was unfair to the side batting second in indifferent weather as it was easier to take two wickets to earn a bonus point than score 100 runs.

However, only 10 votes were received in favour of the proposal and 14 against, meaning that it was defeated.

There will be one tweak to the system though as bonus points will not be awarded in games that do not finish due to bad weather or bad light.

A move to start all matches at 1pm, instead of 1.30pm, was heavily defeated (for 1, against 10), but games in September will now begin at 1pm instead of 1.30pm.