IT was only a month ago that Settle District Swimming Pool was in serious danger of closing.

A victim of astronomical energy bills and a failed attempt to get money from the Government's Swimming pool support fund, the trustees announced at the end of December there was a real possibility the pool would have to close.

It would have been devastating for the community run pool which only reopened in n October 2022 following a £840,000 redevelopment.

However, the response to the threatened possible closure resulted in offers of help and a public meeting last week to discuss the pool's finances was attended by more than 100 people, a great turn out for an evening meeting that doesn't involve live entertainment or a bar.

The result of the meeting was a new fundraising committee and a whole new set of fundraising ideas. Added to the two charity shops and the cost savings already carried out by the pool committee, it is very encouraging news for the pool, though while not running at full capacity, is a much loved and valuable facility in the Settle district.

One can only hope this will be a turn around for the pool; another application has gone in for the second tranche of applications for the Government's Swimming Pool Support Fund - which the pool missed out on in the first round. What better candidate to receive the help of the fund, which is administered by Sport England, than a pool which has been kept open for such a long time because of the support of the community.