I WAS thrilled to watch Copa 71 at Skipton Plaza. (Inspiring film about England Lionesses to be aired at Skipton Plaza, Craven Herald, March 12).

The film is about the massively popular, in Mexico, Women's World Cup. However, I was extremely disappointed to learn it was only one showing at our local cinema. This film is particularly relevant to us in Craven as we have born and bred Skipton woman Jean Breckon (Elliott) who was actually a midfield player in the England team there. She was present at the screening and we were lucky enough to hear her speak before the film.

Such a local connection surely merits for more than one showing. I think she should be a local celebrity. The Craven Herald could also play a part in giving more recognition to this self-effacing local woman who is actually a pioneer and trail blazer for women's football today.

Copa 71 is a brilliant documentary showing loads of footage from the cup and the actual women from every international team speaking about their experiences playing and the prejudices - FIFA banned women's football worldwide) they suffered afterwards.

I would have liked to see questions after the screening. One or two would have encouraged Jean to reveal interesting anecdotes from her footballing life, as well as that (hidden from history) Women's World Cup in Mexico.

Elaine Brunswick