SIR - As a candidate for Aire Valley with Lothersdale in the District Council elections, I decided to do the rare and out of date activity of knocking on the doors of the community.

This provided me with the opportunity to listen to the residents, as I feel it is more beneficial to listen rather than tell people what I think they should hear.

While knocking on doors in Bradley it didn’t take long for me to be told of an issue that is an emotive one for the community – the potential impact of the proposed new houses in the village and, that on road safety.

The community is concerned that safety is being compromised by the increase in traffic through the village, an issue that has been a concern even before there was any awareness of these proposed plans.

Families with young children, who attend the primary school, shared their serious concerns to me about the traffic on the road in close proximity to the school gates and the fear a serious accident could happen.

If planning permission is granted, the concerns will immediately become a reality when there is an increase of traffic with site vehicles, which will be a constant for at least 15 months of construction.

From what I understand, North Yorkshire County Council Highways have reviewed the proposal, and their subsequent comments and conclusions do not satisfy the community.

Do they fully comprehend and appreciate the potential increased risk to road users and pedestrians in this area?

The community feel that they are not being listened to or being taken serious outside of Bradley, on what I feel are genuine concerns that any village in a similar position would justifiably raise.

It was encouraging to hear that there is a supportive and pro-active parish council and ward councillors, but this community needs to be listened to by authorities and decision makers at a higher level.

There is a perception in the community that perhaps these concerns will not be taken seriously until an incident occurs.

I would like to believe that is genuinely not the case. Why wait until a serious accident happens?

The potential dangers are being raised now, they are loud enough for people to hear, therefore they need to be addressed now.

I have assured the community of Bradley that not just on behalf of the local Labour Party, but more importantly as a parent who values and relies on knowing my children are safe, I will be supporting the campaign to raise the urgent and necessary action to improve road safety in the village.

My view is that the appropriate authorities and decision makers seriously consider reviewing what the community has already proposed in what they feel can be realistically done to allay their concerns and provide a safe environment for everyone.

While this will mean a financial cost, at least it may save a life.

Brian McDaid, on behalf of the Skipton & Ripon branch of the Labour Party