SIR - Regarding Mr A.J.A .Smith's letter regarding immigration and alleged pressure on housing ('Immigration at heart of housing questions', Letters, May 17), my first reaction on reading Mr Smith's letter was to visit Google Earth in order to confirm that Cowling was still in existence.

I was relieved to see that it was and can only assume, therefore, that Mr Smith must be on Planet Zog.

He implies that "220,000 (migrants) requires mass national; housing development just to accommodate the migrants....".

He does not describe the source of this figure or support its validity, but is happy to continue to link this "fact" to a shortage of housing here in South Craven.

This reminded me of a certain stunt involving a red bus being driven around the country informing us that the UK would get six million pounds per week back from Europe if we left the EU. Really?

Perhaps Mr Smith could inform us of the number of immigrants (illegal or otherwise) who have had houses built especially for them in South Craven recently. When he gets back from Planet Zog, that is...

Tom Clinton