SIR - I was shocked to read ('White poppies bid by Mayor rejected', Craven Herald, June 21) the derogatory comments made by various councillors when the Mayor, Alan Hickman, suggested that perhaps a few white peace poppies, be included in the Remembrance red poppy wreath this year.

I thought it was an excellent idea and certainly not disrespectful to those who lost their lives in wars.

These white poppies are worn (often alongside a red poppy) by many, including myself, who don't wish to glorify war but to celebrate peace.

To say that it was "pseudo-populist rubbish" was itself a most disrespectful comment.

"Trendy" was another word used - hardly suitable to describe something which has been going on for 80 years!

I do hope that a wreath of white poppies will from now on be placed at the War Memorial in Skipton, as I believe happens at the Cenotaph in London.

Eileen M Rawson, Cross Street, Skipton