SIR - I write in response to the rejection of the Skipton Mayor's proposal to include white poppies in the Remembrance Sunday wreath ('White poppies bid by Mayor rejected', front page and comment, June 21)

For many years I have worn the red poppy on my clerical robes when leading Remembrance services and behind it, a white poppy.

This simply reflects the careful balance of the prayers we all say in the Remembrance service.

Not only do we acknowledge the bravery and sacrifice of our armed forces, but we pray also for peace.

You only have to listen to the views of veteran soldiers who fought in the First World War to know that they desired peace just as much, if not more than, their fellow citizens like me who have been spared the horrors of war.

There is no contradiction whatsoever in honouring the courage and sacrifice of armed forces personnel and at the same time acknowledging our heart's desire for the peace which would make the sacrifice of young lives unnecessary.

I urge our representatives to reconsider their opposition to our Mayor's proposal; bearing in mind that by laying a traditional red poppy wreath with a scattering of white peace poppies, you would in fact reflect the views of the citizens of Skipton best of all.

Reverend Adrian Cragg (retired), Ward Street, Skipton