Route Description:

A bike and train route from either

Settle or High Bentham. Follows

part of the Way of the Roses Coast to

Coast route and the Yorkshire Dales

Cycleway. Plus some lovely scenery

above High Bentham.

A: From the Market Square turn left Head

south on Church Street. After 150meters

turn right onto Station Road, stay on here

for 0.5km, until you reach a roundabout.

Go straight across onto Brackenber Lane

until you reach the A65, where you need

to go straight across onto Paley Green


B: Go under the railway bridge and climb

up the hill and carry on for 2,5km until you

reach a crossroads and turn left signposted


C: Follow this road for 5km, where you

pass a sign for Bentham and go under

railway bridge.

D: In 2km you reach a crossroads on the

moor and go straight over: Bentham 3


E: Follow this road for 5km until you read

another crossroads. You will ride past 3

right hand turnings signposted Bentham.

At crossroads turn right and a fast descent

into Bentham, arriving on Station Road and heading into the centre of town.

Cycling Code of Conduct:

When cycling on roads:

• Always follow the Highway Code

• Be seen - most accidents to cyclists

happen at junctions

• Fit lights and use them in poor


• Consider wearing a helmet and

conspicuous clothing

When cycling on shared use paths


• Give way to pedestrians, leaving them

plenty of room

• Keep to your side of any dividing line

• Be prepared to slow down or stop if


• Use your bell - not all pedestrians can

see you.

Route at a glance

Distance: 19.7km

Height: 188m

Start and finish: Start Settle, Finish High


Parking: Giggleswick, Bentham, Austwick

and Settle

Difficulty: Moderate