CRAVEN Museum and Gallery is running the exhibition ‘New Light: Iluminating Artefacts’, a unique body of work by digital artist Paul Miller which explores the museum’s diverse collection.

The exhibition, which opened on Saturday and runs until the end of July, comes from an artist project commissioned as part of the Museum: Indispensable Project, which is funded by the Arts Council.

The new display in the exhibition gallery based in Skipton Town Hall exhibits the artist’s own re-imaging of the museum’s collection.

‘New Light’ uses a combination of the collections and a series of projected visuals mapped onto individual artefacts, bringing the objects to life.

The installation also incorporates audio using clips from oral histories held in the collection.

One of those featured is a recording of Patrick Stewart talking about Shakespeare’s First Folio, which is on permanent display in the museum.

A creative drop-in session open to the public was held alongside Paul’s initial research into the collection, allowing the public to learn about the process behind the work being explored.

A local youth group also took part in special art and technology demos with the artist, looking at paintings from the museum’s Roebuck Collection.

Visual material was collected from around the museum by the group and is incorporated into the final installation.

A practising artist for more than 15 years, Paul has exhibited extensively, delivering diverse artwork and installations.

Paul said: “It’s been amazing getting to grips with the incredible array of artefacts and archives at Craven Museum - whittling down the pieces has been extremely difficult, but a really fascinating process.

“I wanted to create a room full of curiosity with a touch of magical realism and hope to inspire engagement with the amazing collection. It really is a treasure trove.”

Megan Hickes, museum resilience project officer, said: “As we continue to develop our exhibition programming, being able to commission an artist like Paul has been very exciting.

“He has created a fully immersive experience in response to our collection, unearthing some intriguing objects for the public and giving them a new and exciting narrative.”

‘New Light: Illuminating Artefacts’ runs until the end of July and is open every day except Sundays from10am to 4pm. Admission is free.