Drainage issues at the former Craven District Council offices in Skipton have delayed a speedy sale, it has been revealed.

The sale of the Granville Street offices had proved “challenging” but should be completed before April next year, councillors were told.

At a recent policy meeting, deputy chief executive Paul Ellis acknowledged that surface drainage at the site had been one of the remaining issues.

He said: “We have a potential solution and we are working very hard with a very small team. It is no mean task, but we are working very hard on Granville Street and on 9 High Street.

“It is challenging, but I do expect to get these receipts in this financial year.”

The council is in the process of selling both the Granville Street site and 9 High Street - and needs the money to fund its capital programme.

It expects to receive £200,000 in around January next year towards the around £1.1 million it is expected to receive from the Granville Street offices.

The drainage problems are believed to have cropped up after a difference of opinion between housebuilder and prospective buyer, Lovell, to drain surface water off into Aireville Park.

It is believed the council objected to the plan and now both parties are working towards drainage into the canal, which needs the agreement of the Canal and River Trust.

Meanwhile, the council continues to pay business rates and insurance for the former offices, and £200 per week to a security firm to guard it against vandals.

Business rates for the offices are £23,000 per year, but it is understood that the council has agreed periods of exemption.