Customers of Settle and Grassington post offices have done their bit to ensure car licence renewals remain in rural post offices.

Both post offices called on local MP Julian Smith to make sure the DVLA contract remained with post offices.

Post Office Counters has now won the contract for another ten years – ensuring rural communities will get easy access to the vital part of everyday life.

And, recently, a senior aide to the Transport Secretary, Gavin Williamson MP visited Settle along with Mr Smith to hear how important the contract was.

“Post offices are vitally important features of communities in rural areas and I am delighted the Department for Transport award of the DVLA contract will keep those services available in branches for years to come, and I congratulate them on their strong campaign on this issue,” he said.

Mr Smith added he was pleased to be able to bring a senior aide of the Transport Secretary to Craven.

He said: “He has been able to see how important the award of this contract is for the future of branches that are lifelines for rural communities across my constituency.”

He added that post offices were at the heart of rural communities in Skipton.

“They provide easy access to Government services and I am pleased that the Government recognises the vital role they play in our towns and villages.”

Lynn Scruton, manager of Settle Post Office, said customers keen to see the DVLA service remain had filled in cards which she had then sent off to the Government.

“I sent them all off to the Houses of Parliament, not really knowing if anyone had received them, so it was nice to get such positive feedback.

“Keeping the DVLA contract is very important and not just for us, a lot of post offices would not have been able to survive without it.”