Dog walkers using the towpath beside the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Skipton are being urged by the town management team to always clean up after their pets.

Town manager Brett Butler said the town ambassadors had taken to cleaning up after irresponsible dog owners, even though it was not their job.

“There are responsible dog owners, but unfortunately, a lot of them aren’t and no one is cleaning the mess up,” he said.

“It is not the job of the ambassadors to clean up the mess, but as ambassadors of the town, they don’t want to see anything that puts the town in the wrong light.”

Mr Butler said it was about working together for the good of Skipton.

“We don’t want people coming to our beautiful town and going away saying what they remember about it is the dog muck. I would urge all dog owners to be responsible and clean up after their pets.”

He pointed out there were plenty of dog bins next to the canal towpath and the town ambassadors now carried bags for anyone needing them.

“I really think some people can’t be bothered to pick up after their pets, but they need to take responsibility,” he said.