Police chiefs in North Yorkshire are to shake up the shift system for their officers – less than two years after a sweeping revamp of work patterns.

North Yorkshire Police carried out radical changes to the shifts in 2011 as part of a wider restructuring operation designed to help meet the challenges posed by funding cuts. However, the force says it began reviewing the new way of working last autumn and will change its shift structure again in April.

The new six days on, four days off system is aimed at giving officers and staff who are on call round-the-clock more rest time without giving them extra holidays.

Assistant chief constable Iain Spittal said: “It is important to stress no officers or police staff will get extra time off work.

“The revised pattern of working simply structures their time away from the work place in a way that is recognised as being more healthy and giving individuals appropriate recovery time before returning to work.”

Mike Stubbs, deputy secretary of the North Yorkshire Police Federation, said: “The vast majority of our members work 24/7 shifts and they have broadly welcomed the proposals, which recognise the impact a rotating shift pattern has on their health and wellbeing.”