After much debate between our judges – and an extra one being brought in as a decider – we can finally reveal the winners of our Summer in North Yorkshire competition.

We received more than 300 entries, with some truly brilliant pictures.

The judges – Skipton MP Julian Smith, the Craven Herald’s award-winning photographer Stephen Garnett and editor Matt Cornish, picked their top three. Maple Leaf Images in Skipton and the Skipton Camera Centre have helped provide some great prizes.

The image that scored the highest – winning a Panasonic Lumix TZ35 camera worth £250 as well as a 20” x 16” canvas print of the winning shot worth £55 – was by Laura Feather.

Her fantastic sunset at Cowling Pinnacle captured some beautfiul warm colours.

Laura, 19, of Sutton-in-Craven, said she was delighted to be chosen. She said: “I’ve been doing photography for about a year.

“I’ve just taught myself everything I know but it’s just something I really enjoy.

“I suffer from anxiety which can stop me going out, but photography really helps get me outside.”

Laura, a former South Craven pupil, added that she specialises in landscape pictures.

The runners-up proved trickier, but in the end Andy Hutchinson and Roger Nelson were chosen. Each will receive a canvas print of their images.

Matt Cornish said: “This was a great competition. I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures as they arrived in my inbox every day for several weeks.

“It was very hard to get the shortlist down to ten, but even harder to pick just three.

“I think special mention should go to Emma Lonsdale, Emily Moorhouse and Jeremy Knowles whose images also really impressed the judges, but I think for me the winner was clear.

“It’s a great shot, and it’s clear that Laura has a good eye and real talent.”