Youngsters from Christ Church School in Skipton are well prepared for winter – they’ve got their own igloo.

The Topaz class of reception and year one children have been learning about ‘Our Frozen Planet’ and the Little Polar Bear books by Hans de Beer.

To bring the topic to life, teachers constructed a lifesize igloo in the classroom, made from about 400 empty milk containers.

Teacher Suzie Brown said: “The children were asked to bring in empty milk cartons but not told what they were for.

“We wanted to get a really good “Wow” from them when they walked in the room and saw it. They loved it.

“It’s about trying to find ways for the children to learn new things such as why a polar bear and penguin would never meet.

“We want something to get them excited and want to come up with questions, thinking about who would live there and things like that.

“We had a great session where they came up with some really good questions.”