Children will be able to create a model of their vision for an improved recreation ground at Carleton.

It is part of a consultation event taking place at Carleton School over the weekend.

Organisers want both adults and children to go along and have their say on improvements to the recreation ground and Ramper Park - home of the local cricket and football teams.

“The children of the village will be able to work together to make models of how they want the two venues to look,” said a village spokesman. “This will be a fun activity ensuring that the children have their say in what they want for their village. They can draw and paint pictures, make models, and tell us what they think.

“Adults will also have the opportunity to put forward their ideas and thoughts by discussion or in writing or by helping the children to make the models.

“This is part of a process that we are using to inform the parish council of a design that will refresh and renew these open spaces in our village and what process we can use to raise funding and obtain grants to give us facilities that will be amongst the best in the region.”

The consultation event will be open from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and 10am to 1pm on Sunday. Refreshments will be available.