A speed indicator device could be installed on a road crossed by children making their way to a football pitch.

But a pedestrian crossing will not be put in place at Skipton Road, Earby, following a review by highways engineers.

Residents living nearby have been campaigning for greater road safety measures for several months.

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson took up their fight and in August wrote to Lancashire County Council about the road, which is next to the Hill Top football pitch.

However, highways chiefs at County Hall said they could not support a pedestrian crossing or road safety improvements at the location because there had been no injury accidents recorded in the last five years.

They did carry out a speed assessment as well but that found average speeds to be 32mph northbound and 30mph southbound.

Despite that, the county council has agreed to look at deploying a speed indicator device, which flashes a smiley or sad face at drivers depending on their speed.