A woman bombarded a man with unwanted phone calls and texts and sent him a Facebook picture of her bottom, Skipton magistrates heard.

Marta Guskiewicz, 29, targeted Craig Outhwaite relentlessly, despite only knowing him as a customer at the Golden Lion in Horton-in-Ribblesdale, the court was told on Friday.

She changed her surname to his on her Facebook account, claiming to be his ex-wife, turned up at his home and posted his telephone number on the social-network site with derogatory remarks.

Guskiewicz, of Russell Street, Skipton, also sent Mr Outhwaite – an Army reservist who in 2013 had served in Afghanistan – a copy of Nuts magazine to “make him happy”.

After admitting stalking Mr Outhwaite between May last year, and January 13 this year, Guskiewicz was warned she faced a possible prison sentence following a report by the probation service.

Prosecutor Caroline Midgley said Guskeiwicz had continued to contact him even after a complaint was made to police in September last year.

Mr Outhwaite had made it clear he wanted nothing to do with her and on one occasion when she turned up at his home he had been very rude, said Mrs Midgley.

He had made it clear he had only known her as a member of staff at the Golden Lion, where he had occasionally gone drinking.

Over two days in August last year, Mr Outhwaite received 21 missed calls from her, she added.

She also made reference to medals he had won while in the army and how she had wanted to share them with a school in Poland.

On Christmas Day she sent him a message on Facebook, wishing him a happy Christmas and a picture of her semi-clothed, with her bottom towards the camera.

Mr Outhwaite took steps to block her messages but continued to be told by friends what she was posting, said Mrs Midgley.

On January 13, she posted derogatory comments about his long-term partner and included his telephone number.

Magistrates were reminded they could order the seizure of Guskeiwicz’s computer and mobile phone and put a restraining order in place as part of sentencing.

A report was ordered after magistrates heard there was concern over Guskeiwicz’s understanding of what she was facing.

She was allowed bail until February 21 on condition she did not contact or try to approach Mr Outhwaite.