A meeting in Silsden addressed concerns about how the Tour de France might impact on residents and visitors.

Bradford Council emergency planning officers met Silsden councillors, the media, church representatives and other townspeople.

They discussed the best way to keep traffic moving in Silsden on Tour day and walked round town to look at potential trouble spots.

They also looked at areas where portable toilets could be sited, such as the Wesley Place car park, and identified public houses that might allow people to use their toilets.

Coun Adrian Naylor said Chris Atkinson, the Silsden mayor, wanted to ensure residents living on the Tour route would be offered alternative parking.

Coun Naylor said: “We’re looking for landowners who might allow residents to park their cars during the weekend, where people could get parking permits.”

Coun Naylor said the meeting also addressed the potentially massive number of people coming to stay with relatives in Silsden to watch the Tour de France.

He suggested this could lead to thousands more people trying to find parking spaces for their cars during the weekend.