A technology initiative instigated and pioneered by Settle Primary School is being promoted across North Yorkshire.

The school’s Digital Leaders scheme caught the attention of the county’s IT advisers who now want all schools to think about implementing similar initiatives.

Settle Primary has established a gifted and talented group of high-ability pupils and is teaching them computer programming as well as introducing them to advanced computer systems.

Higher level teaching assistant and computer specialist Sarah Entwistle said: “Children with a particular interest in IT are invited to apply to become Digital Leaders and the successful ones are then fast-tracked to acquire more advanced skills such as programming. They then go back to their peers and pass on their knowledge, raising the confidence and skills base in IT across the entire school.”

The school has been invited to speak to county-wide education conferences to share its ideas and to help other schools develop similar programmes.

Headteacher Richard Wright said: “We have a lot of young talent at the school. Developing high order technology skills is vitally important for the future.

“I am delighted to have the support of someone as skilled as Miss Entwistle who has the expertise to get the best out of the children and put our vision forward.

“Settle Primary School is truly leading the way in information technology.”