Thermal-wear giant Damart spread a little warmth at a busy railway station.

The company, whose warehousing facility is at Steeton, donated thermal clothing to Northern Rail staff at Leeds.

And infra-red technology was used to highlight to commuters where they were losing body heat.

“This showcased how our thermals do their job and demonstrated to station staff and commuters how beneficial a Damart thermal layer can be,” said Phil Anderson, the firm’s marketing and e-commerce director.

“The infra-red technology shows a thermal layer does work and is essential in keeping the chill at bay.

“Station staff at Leeds work hard in sometimes very cold conditions and we’re delighted to be helping keep them warm.”

Alex Hynes, for Northern Rail, which operates services on the Airedale line, said: “Our teams definitely feel the cold during winter.

“This fantastic donation of thermals will help keep them warm while keeping our customers on the move.”