A Skipton man who damaged a car hours after being released from prison for identical offences has escaped a further immediate custodial sentence.

Skipton magistrates told Craig Boyd that his earlier 18-week sentence had clearly not worked and sentenced him to a further eight weeks, although suspended for a year.

They also gave him a 12-month community order with supervision, including a six-month low-level drug rehabilitation programme with weekly drug testing.

The court heard that Boyd, 26, of Clitheroe Street, had repeatedly kicked the car belonging to the granddaughter of a neighbour in the early hours of January 24.

The noise had woken up the grandparents whose attempt to stop him by shouting out of the window had resulted in verbal abuse.

A victim impact statement from the family said they had been concerned and anxious that Boyd would continue to damage their cars, especially after he moved back to live with his father in Clitheroe Street.

Boyd, who had admitted criminal damage at an earlier hearing, had sought to reassure them that it was nothing personal and that he had just hit out in temper.

In mitigation, John Mewies said Boyd, who had been released from prison on January 23, had been out drinking with his twin brother and father and a small disagreement had grown out of all proportion.

Mr Mewies said Boyd had struggled to come to terms with his prison sentence and rather than take his temper out on a member of his family, he had lashed out on the car.

He added that Boyd now had a more positive attitude and had made attempts to get employment in the building trade.

Boyd, whom the court heard owed £1,200 in unpaid fines and costs, was also ordered to pay compensation of £90.24 to the owner of the car, but no order was made for more costs.