The publisher of the Craven Herald, Newsquest Media Group, has become the largest daily regional news publisher online.

The data published by ABC confirmed that our July-December 2013 daily average unique browsers (website edition readers) totalled 731,495 – year-on-year growth of 40.6 per cent (July to December 2012: 520,256).

That figure means that for the first time we have outgrown our large peers, Johnston Press, Trinity Mirror and Local World.

Our average monthly unique browsers for the same period were 12,945,846 – year-on-year growth of 41.9 per cent (July to December 2012: 9,124,606).

In terms of monthly unique browsers, Newsquest is now the second largest regional news publisher behind Johnston Press, although the monthly unique number can be significantly impacted by one-off spikes in traffic from users that visit once and never return, which makes the daily unique browser metric more robust.