Junior pupils at Clapham Primary School are getting ready for the arrival of a new learning pod.

Their old “temporary” classroom – which was put in place 40 years ago – has reached the end of its life and is being demolished.

In its place will be a state-of-the-art wood-clad portable unit, complete with a toilet, air conditioning and automatic lights.

“This is a real opportunity,” said headteacher Gill Woods. “The old classroom is decaying and the teachers have done a magnificent job in coping.

“The new unit will be 50 per cent bigger and will enhance and improve the learning experience of our class two pupils.”

The classroom will be ready for use when youngsters return from the Easter holidays.

As part of the project, a few trees have had to be felled but, to compensate, Mrs Woods has obtained an oak sapling from the Royal Estates, which will be planted once the work is finished.