An 82-year-old farmer who pulled out in his Jeep in front of another car had blotted a previously unblemished driving record, Skipton magistrates heard.

David Greenwood, from Linton, pulled out on the A682 at Hellifield in front of another car, causing it to leave the road and hit a wall, the court was told on Friday.

Both its occupants had to be treated for whiplash and bruising, while Greenwood, and his wife, a passenger in the Jeep, were unhurt.

Greenwood had originally been offered the option of taking a driver improvement course by police, but it had been delayed due to him needing cataract surgery, the court heard in mitigation.

It was not suggested that the cataracts had been responsible for the accident. It had been a momentary lapse of judgement in an otherwise unblemished 62-year driving career.

The defendant was very anxious to keep his driving licence because he travelled daily to the farm, now managed by his son and grandson.

Greenwood, who admitted driving without due care and attention on September 1, was fined £70 and had his licence endorsed with six penalty points. He was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £20 victims surcharge.