Residents close to Settle Police Station were warned to stay indoors yesterday (Thursday) afternoon after a suspicious device was found in a nearby residential property.

The device was later discovered to be a homemade firework and police are now carrying out an investigation to find out who made it and why it was left at the property.

A police spokesman said: “After taking advice from the Army’s bomb disposal unit, officers placed a 100-metre cordon around Settle police station as a precaution, while they awaited the arrival of the unit.

Residents within the cordon were advised to stay indoors, to keep away from their front windows and keep their curtains closed.

“On arrival, the bomb disposal unit examined the device which appeared to be a homemade firework. It was made safe and was taken away for further examination.”

The cordon was lifted at 7pm, and police have thanked the public for their co-operation.

An investigation is ongoing into who is responsible for making the device and why it was left at the residential property.